Revolutionize your practice with Unitron Flex:trial

Revolutionize your practice with Unitron Flex:trial

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Unitron Flex Trial

A new patient has an appointment in your clinic.
They have never used hearing devices before, and you’re going through your pre-evaluation interview before you are going to take them into the booth. You may be able to find out a lot during this conversation, but it often won’t be enough to be sure you’ll recommend the best solution for them during this first visit.

We have techniques for how to handle this common and difficult scenario with a program that all but guarantees a patient will stay with you throughout the trial period. It also builds trust right away and delights the patient.

We will share our process with you in a case study published by Unitron. Read part 1 here.

Just the sound of the word alone elicits a relaxation response.

Our patients have access to a tremendous amount of information when they are considering hearing devices. While they may have gathered facts as well as the opinions of others during their research, they are often left without a clear answer when it comes to their own situation.

Let’s reassure them. You can learn how here.

Cash or profit?
Businesses can be profitable on paper – right up until they go out of business due to a shortage of cash.

Read here to learn how to easily manage your finances and delight your patients, all while reducing this common pressure on your business.

Hearing aids break.
As hearing care providers, we know that we are asking a lot from these tiny, delicate, electronic devices when we request that they live in or on our bodies. While patients can be upset at the hassle and cost of a repair, we can get them back “on the air” quickly by using Flex:trial units. This is a service that the Big Boxes and many of your competitors are not willing or able to offer.

To learn about how we use this service as a low-pressure way to introduce our patients to improved hearing, read more here.

For the first time in a long time, there is something out there that makes our jobs easier.
We have found that talking about Flex:trial in our advertising is bringing in a well-qualified, highly interested patient. We don’t mention Flex or Unitron by name, but we have an entire campaign inspired by the Flex concept that brands our practice. And it makes the phone ring.

Read more about how we use Flex in our marketing here.

This concludes our series on Flex – we hope our excitement about Flex was contagious.

Our job is not easy, but Flex is the first innovation in a long time that actually makes it easier. It makes it easier to convince someone that they should accept amplification since they can “drive” the process and don’t have to pay until they’re sure. It also makes running our business easier because we can let people have the experience of amplification without the clock ticking on an invoice.

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