About Pivot Hearing

Pivot Hearing was born in 2011 out of the success of our own private hearing care practice, Kenwood Hearing Centers. While we experienced tremendous growth from 1997-2008, we saw our business start to suffer in the economic downturn, and we had to identify our areas of weakness, come up with a plan to turn things around, and then make that plan come to life and work. Now we’ve added an additional 2 locations (5 total) and have tripled our revenue since then. In the wake of our success, we’ve seen so many friends and colleagues suffering from the same problems we experienced, so we created Pivot Hearing to be able to offer customized personal training for audiology & hearing aid practices.

Bill Diles, M.A.
Christine Diles, Au.D.
Audiology Director
Chelsea Diles Treseder
VP Business Development
Will Diles
Director of Retail Operations
Lee Diles
Director of IT
Adam Jasa
Director of Marketing
John Hirsekorn
Marketing Consultant
Kathy Hirsekorn
Community Marketing