About Pivot Hearing

Our purpose is to stand with independent hearing care practices because we believe that this provides the best care possible for patients with hearing loss. Our mission is to have successfully fortified independent practice owners like you to compete and thrive in your local market.

Pivot Hearing was born in 2011 out of the success of our own private hearing care practice, Kenwood Hearing Centers. While we experienced tremendous growth from 1997-2008, we saw our business start to suffer in the economic downturn, and we had to identify our areas of weakness, come up with a plan to turn things around, and then make that plan come to life and work. Now we’ve added an additional 3 locations (6 total) and have more than tripled our revenue since then. In the wake of our success, we’ve seen so many friends and colleagues suffering from the same problems we experienced. It doesn’t make sense to have every independent practice owner duplicating the same efforts. You need scale and leverage to compete in today’s market. So we created Pivot Hearing.

For private practice hearing care clinic owners who are experiencing threats to their business, Pivot Hearing provides difference-making consulting based on our deep-rooted history in the hearing care industry, our current operation of growing retail practices, and our unique practice philosophy - the Hearing Aid Test Drive™.

You pride yourself on your independence. So do we.

You are at the center

Pivot Hearing is independent and family-owned. This means we can give you the best advice for your business, free of any manufacturer or corporate interests.

Be part of something bigger

Scale like you're bigger than you are. Being part of something bigger can actually help you STAY independent - because we offer top notch ideas, lightning fast execution, and highly competitive hearing aid pricing so you can compete and thrive in your market.

Unique, custom solutions that work

Take advantage of unique, custom solutions. Because we're a boutique practice development group, everything we do for you is custom. We know no two practices are alike in their challenges and opportunities, and we're able to deliver tailored solutions for your unique market situation.

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