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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Pivot Hearing a buying group?

    In the sense that most buying groups in our industry offer practice development services in exchange for hearing aid purchases, yes. Our services are complimentary for our members who purchase hearing devices through us, and our members take advantage of negotiated discounted pricing with our manufacturer partners.

  • Is there a contract?

    No, there is no contract to sign. It’s easy to sign up and just as easy to leave. Many groups have 30- or even 90-day waiting periods when their members want to leave. We hope you won’t, but if you do want to leave, it can happen instantly.

  • Are there minimums?

    No, there are no minimums. If you just want to take advantage of our pricing, sign up with no questions asked. If you want to engage with us to really grow your practice, we ask that you buy your Oticon, Widex, and Unitron hearing aids through us, in whatever quantity that may be.

  • Is there a cancellation period?

    No – we hope you’ll never leave, but if you decide to, you can be done immediately.

  • Will my relationship with the manufacturers change?

    No, you’ll still have a direct relationship with the manufacturers, sales and training support, marketing support, and in some cases, access to advantage programs.*

*Contact us for details.