Music to their ears (part 2/2)

Music to their ears (part 2/2)

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Did you miss part 1 last week? You can catch it here and get our Spotify playlist that we use in our offices.

During a recent fitting, one of our audiologists asked his patient, “What kind of music do you like?” The patient responded with enthusiasm that he loved Pavarotti. When the hearing aids were on and Pavarotti was cued up, the patient closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair, and sang along in Italian for the entire 3+ minutes of the song. This man was in heaven – and in a hearing care office. The rest of the fitting went well, and the relationship with this patient has blossomed.

Real-life demonstration of enhanced hearing with hearing aids is illustrative and dynamic in motivating people to treat their hearing loss. You can talk about what hearing aids can do all day long, but a live demonstration is really powerful. Using a signal that the patient finds familiar and pleasant, like their favorite music, can help them to understand the benefit that better hearing brings. As a profession, we tend to emphasize speech intelligibility, especially in noise. While this remains at the top of our priority list when we are fitting hearing devices, there is so much more to the soundscape of life that brings value and enjoyment.

Now let me warn you – when you have a 60-ish year old woman who has been struggling with her hearing, and you fit her with devices and play You’ve Got a Friend or Fire and Rain, you better have a box of tissues handy.

Want help selecting audio equipment for your office that will help you reach patients this way but not break the bank? Get in touch with us.

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