The best marketing dollars you will ever spend.

The best marketing dollars you will ever spend.

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We are huge proponents of hearing loops and have seen our community and practice benefit from this amazing tool for years.

We believe so much in this simple yet powerful technology. Not only is it simple, but it works WITH hearing aids, not INSTEAD of them.
We offer a free loop and in-home installation to every patient who buys hearing aids from us. We know that this is a great patient satisfaction, retention, and referral tool. We have also looped many of the major landmarks in our community, including churches, pharmacies, and movie theaters.
Running an ad for your practice in a theater before the movie starts is not a new idea. And for the most part, it’s not a particularly good one. But we’ve done something different – something with an incredible ROI in a landscape where it’s tougher than ever to drive new patients through your doors using traditional marketing tactics.
We’ve combined our passion for looping the community with our ability to create compelling marketing messages that work. The result? Watch this commercial that we’ve developed that now plays 37 times a day, 7 days a week at 2 theaters in our community – that’s over 300,000 viewings a year, right when moviegoers are primed to take advantage of our looping and hearing aid services.

Movie Theater Ad

Interested in implementing community marketing techniques like this one? Get in touch with us today, we love to help colleagues with stuff like this. 

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