How your website is like a billboard on the highway

How your website is like a billboard on the highway

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When you drive along your local highway, you’re probably used to seeing plenty of roadside billboards.

These can be a really impactful way to drive awareness, brand recognition, and action, depending on the company, the product, and the message.

But what if there was a big tarp covering the billboard so that you couldn’t see it?

That’s kind of what it’s like if you have a nice website but aren’t investing properly in SEO. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, modern, or intuitive your website is – if few people can find it, you’re missing a large segment of your available market.

As I talk to colleagues across the country, I continue to find practice owners who are reluctant to spend what’s needed on SEO in their market (varies based on market size, but typically anywhere from $200-750/month). While that may feel or sound like a lot, when you consider the fact that 81% of consumers will look online before deciding to make an appointment, it’s an obvious necessity. Hearing care practice owners regularly spend $1000-5000 on a single ad or direct mail piece, and this level of investment can pay for the better part of a year of SEO in most markets.

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