Feeling the pressure from 3rd parties?

More and more patients now have access to discount programs, which stifle practice independence and dictate patient care. It's been nearly impossible for private practices to compete with these low-cost plans - until now.

Finally - there's a private practice solution that allows you to compete.

Take business from 3rd parties and keep patients in house. Don't settle for fitting fees! This program enables:

  • Better patient care
  • 2x margins vs. fitting fees
  • Control of the transaction and process
  • Higher patient satisfaction

Schedule a 15-minute 1:1 session

Learn how you can fight back against 3rd parties.

Feeling the pressure from 3rd parties?

Schedule Your 1:1 Personal Session

Learn how you can fight back against 3rd parties - schedule a 15-minute 1:1 session


Finally - there's a private practice solution that allows you to compete.

The Managed Care Manifesto:

A Compelling Alternative for Private Practices


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See what other practice owners have to say about Pivot Hearing

“SOOOOOOO grateful for this program. I was able to price match my patient's discount plan pricing AND have a higher margin than the fitting fee they would have paid me. Win-win!”

Kristin DesErmia, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology & Owner, Coastal Hearing Care | Bardenton, FL

“I just told TruHearing to go to h**l because of their new 1-year included service policy. Couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have Pivot Hearing’s 3rd Party Fighter Program.”

Dr. Harriet Jacobster, Au.D.
Audiologist & Owner Lyric Audiology | Monroe, NY

“Pivot Hearing is leading the industry in terms of how to think about 3rd parties as private practice owners. Their insights and solutions are simultaneously giving me knowledge, hope, and tactical responses that I can implement today to keep more patients in-house and grow my hearing aid sales.”

Janice Dickenson
Owner & Hearing Instrument Specialist Rincalina Hearing Center | Tucson, AZ

“Pivot Hearing’s 3rd Party Fighter Program has been a GAME CHANGER for my practice.”

Dr. Matthew J. Brown, Au.D.
Audiologist, FAAA, CCC-A Kaw Valley Hearing | Lawrence, KS

Pivot Hearing delivers exceptional consulting to help you make the right decisions for your business and then helps you execute on those decisions.

We work with hearing care practice owners like you to help you:

  • Thrive against threatening competition
  • Make great decisions
  • Execute quickly

Our mission is to fortify private practices to thrive because we believe you provide the best care for patients.

Our mission is to fortify private practices to thrive because we believe you provide the best care for patients.

We're Different

Pivot Hearing is the leading private practice consulting firm because we are practicing hearing care providers, just like you.

We test ideas in our practice and those of our members across the country, creating in essence a private practice R&D lab. Then our consultants deliver proven tools and tactics along with flawless execution.