Do you tend to think a “strong recommendation” is the way to go when presenting technology to your patients?

We invite you to think again. We’ve been told for years by practice development experts that we are the professionals and that we should offer a strong recommendation for a product after doing our diagnostic and lifestyle evaluation.

And that method used to work just fine. But it doesn’t with the “new consumer” that’s here – the baby boomers. We’ve been talking about their arrival into the market for decades and wondering what it would be like, and now we know. These consumers understand more about technology and have infinitely greater access to information than the preceding generation.

Has it happened to you recently where you came forward with a strong recommendation to a new patient only to have them say, “I’m going to think about it / talk to my spouse / do some research” and never return? Do you suspect that they took your strong recommendation to Google and quickly found internet retailers offering them at a fraction of your price?

We must approach the new consumer differently.

That means change for us as providers and business owners – we have to be willing to think differently about how we market, how we consult, how we demo, how we sell, and how we run our practices. That’s what The Hearing Aid Test Drive™ is all about. It will revolutionize the way you do business and make you more successful and profitable. And it may even reinvigorate your passion for what you do.

Pivot Hearing will:

  • Help you and your staff understand the business and patient care benefits of The Hearing Aid Test Drive™
  • Create a complete patient experience for your practice to deliver
  • Provide the tools and technology necessary for implementation
  • Establish current practice vitals (KPIs) and track changes over time
  • Provide an appointment map with what to say and what to do at each step of the patient journey
  • Conduct sales behavioral assessments for you and your staff so you know who you are, who your team is, who your patients are, and how to increase versatility and maximize effectiveness accordingly
  • Help you overcome all of the objections you get from patients about trying and buying hearing aids
  • Develop a back office systemization plan to support your increased patient load so you can still leave the office at 5PM
  • Provide ongoing sales coaching with professional sales trainers
  • Allow you to use The Hearing Aid Test Drive™ in all of your marketing outreach