What else can you do for me?

In addition to the membership benefits practices receive automatically, Pivot Hearing also offers a comprehensive set of best-in-class services so you can access industry-expertise and efficiency in a consolidated way.

Digital Services:

Pivot Hearing offers everything you need to have a highly effective digital strategy in your market. With expertise in both the technical side as well as the hearing care industry, your digital presence will deliver the maximum patients to your practice.

Web Design

Website Design: $2000

Premium Hosting: $100/month

Landing Pages: $200-300/page


SEO Introductory: $245/month

SEO Advanced: $495/month

SEO Elite: $695/month


Coming soon.

Digital Advertising

Standard Package: $375/month

Plus Package: $625/month

Premium Package: $1250/month


Standard Package: $49/mo

Plus Package: $99/mo

Premium Package: $149/mo

Social Media Advertising:
Ad budget + 25% management fee

Additional Services

  • Brand Audit / Creation / Refresh: Whether you’re starting a practice from scratch or looking to improve your existing brand elements, Pivot Hearing can help with consultation, logo design, and materials development.
  • Recruitment: Adding high quality people to your team is one of the most important things you can do as a practice owner. When it comes time to hire an audiologist, dispenser, or any other member of your team, Pivot Hearing can provide full recruitment services, including writing the position description, crafting the search strategy, posting ads, searching candidate pool for qualified candidates, resume and telephone screening, discussion of offer and negotiations, and performance of reference checks. Cost: $1500/hire
  • Instant Custom Molds Materials: Once you’ve learned how to make instant custom molds, they will become a critical part of your everyday practice. Make sure to stay stocked on the materials and tools you need to continue to differentiate your practice this way.